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Think simply...

to please to you.

Beach, swimming, sunbathing, reading ...

How would you prefer to drive this holiday program?

Lulled by the sound of ocean waves or the sound of the swimming pool but in all cases, don't forget sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun now over 330 days a year on Punta Rucia. The gently sloping beach ideal for children's swimming area has a very convenient and all day-safe natural stlye pool.

The swimming pool located on the beach offers an ideal view and you can enjoy the sun at your disposal for your tan.


Extend fun water below the surface ...

Armed with your simple equipment PMT (Palms, Mask, Tuba) you will have the possibility of easily observing the flora and the fauna of water turquoises of bay of Punta Rucia.

Either off the main beach of the complex or especially during your trip to Cayo Arena, the tropical fish will make you admire their beautiful flamish colors sneaking in the middle of the coral, sponges and beautiful gorgognes. The shallow waters of the bay are well suited to this fun activity available to all safely and in search of beautiful seashells.



Learn about the different massage techniques in our relaxation exotic area or in some of our Fares.

A whole chart of care is available so as to relax in individual sessions or in couple.