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The first city...

of the new world!

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El castillo / La Isabela

La Isabela was the first city of the New World built by Christopher Columbus in 1493.

It is located just 8 nautical miles from Punta Rucia Lodge and you will discover this slice of history.

You can visit thecurrent ruins
The House of Admiral, which is the most important building of Isabela is the only house that Christophe Colomb had in America.
The Church , whose foundations are preserved and whose masonry was restored during excavations in 1985.
Alhóndiga (Greek word meaning "all together") was a kind of shop tools, food or products of value, transportable in Spain.
• And finally, the cemetery was located thanks to the discovery of the skeleton of a Spanish officer, arms folded across his chest.


You will visit the museum, the historical city and you will discover some taïnos culture.

Strong points:

  • 8 miles nautical of Punta Rucia Lodge.
  • Discovered historical important.