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What you need to know...

to plan your trip in the sun.


From 2012 onward Franch, Belgians and Swiss nationals have to carry a valid passport. For a maximum 3 months stay, no visa is necessary.
On airport arrival, travelers must pay a 10 US$ tourist card to be collected before clearing customs.


Tap water is unfit for human consumption and you must drink properly sealed bottles of water. The water service is perfectly organised in Dominican Republic and bottles of water are really cheap.

Beware of Sun! Sunburns are frequents and protecting yourself with sunscreen, sunglasses and hat is a must. Pay special attention during sea oriented activities.

Mosquitos are present in the Dominican Republic and are often there at nightfall. Bear it in mind to keep children protected.

No vaccinations are required to go to the Dominican Republic.

Jet lag

compared to France, there are 5:00 less in winter time and 6:00 less in summer time. Thus when it is 14:30 Paris time, it is 9:30 in winter and 8:30 in summer.

To reach by Plane

Dominican Republic has six international airports. The nearest one is Puerto Plata (POP). About 1:30. Our private shuttle will pick you there.

Some companies like Condor offer direct flights from Frankfurt or Brussels.

Another option is to come via Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport (SDQ). Most of the airlines like Air France and Iberia mainly serve this airport. We can arrange from there your transportation to Punta Rucia Lodge. (With participation)


The official language is Spanish.

Speed unit is km/h.

Volume unit is the gallon (3,785 liters).

Fabrics are sold by yard (0.9144 m).

Weight unit is the livre (489.5 grams).

Surfaces are expressed in Tarea (650 m²).

Electricity: 110 volts, 60 Hz with flat pin sockets (equal to the US and Canada). Most of mobile phone chargers, computer or battery charger are compatible with 110 volts. Adapters to be taken but available on site.


The local currency is the Dominican peso (RDS),

At the end of 2011: The Euro (1€) rate was arround 50 pesos and the dollar (1 US$) arround 38 pesos.

Tip: Quickly find the equivalent of a Euro price in pesos by multiplying the pesos price by two and removing it two zeros. As such 1500 pesos represents around 30 € and 6,500 pesos around 130 €

Euro is generally accepted in malls and in major cities. A Euro and Dollar change service is offered at the hotel reception with a better change rate than the airport's one.

Bills are of 2000, 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 20 pesos and coins of 1,5,10,25 pesos.

Language - Glossary

The official language is Spanish.

  • Hello: hola
  • Hi (morning): buenos día
  • Hi (afternoon): buenas tardes
  • Good evening/good night: buenas noches
  • Goodbye: adiós
  • How are you?: ¿cómo está?
  • Well, thank you: estoy bien, gracias
  • Please: por favor
  • Excuse me: perdóneme
  • My name is...: me llamo…
  • I am American: soy Americano
  • See you: hasta pronto