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A tourist town

full of history.

Activities / Excursions / Puerto Plata


Puerto Plata

Named by Christopher Columbus on January 11, 1493, Puerto Plata (silver port) on the Amber Coast, has a certain charm with its wooden pastel colored Victorian houses called Gingerbread.

The fort of San Felipe,built in the sixteenth century to defend against attacks by sea, is to visit as well as the Amber Museum. museum of Amber.

Finally, to see the bay and the city as a whole, take the cable car that climbs to the summit of Mount Isabel de Torres, and admire the statue of the Christ the Redeemer that watches over the region..

The visit

Puerto Plata is located at 1:30 of Punta Rucia Lodge.

Meals, sightseeing, Cigars and Rum are scheduled.


  • Colonial city
  • Museum of amber
  • Cable car
  • Cigars and Rum.
  • Discovered historical.